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The Boutique 

at Hotel Roslyn

Our specialty boutique is located in the lobby and offers a wide range of home decor and gift products that we wholeheartedly love and use ourselves at the hotel. It felt very important to us to share some of our family favorites with you, so we transformed the lobby for our guests and visitors to explore these products for themselves.

With family roots from a small-town in Sweden, Roslyn has always been close to our hearts as a home away from home. This community continues to be a special destination since our first visit in 2008, traveling here many times before permanently moving five years later. It has truly been a beautiful and serendipitous journey with the addition of Hotel Roslyn as a lifelong member to our family and we look forward to sharing it with you! 

Ellen, Nils, Martina & Lasse


Things that we love.

Our boutique is filled with Scandinavian classics and European designs with an emphasis on sustainability. 

Found in your room.

You'll find some of the items sold in our boutique incorporated into each room, for you to enjoy.

Plan your stay with us today. 
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