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This place is amazing! My families roots are in Roslyn, and this is EXACTLY what this beautiful town needed! We love staying, and are constantly looking at weekends we have available to be able to come back! This hotel is just so beautiful. ___   L.J.

The Hotel Roslyn is an impeccable boutique. The condo I rented for my family was so comfortable, clean and beautifully appointed. I would recommend this hotel to friends! ____  P.F.

Great rooms and a great location. Roslyn really is becoming a spectacular all-season destination with lots of trails for hiking, skiing, and biking. There are also lots of restaurants, festivals, and activities. Hotel Roslyn is right in the middle of it all. Very spacious rooms, fabulous bathroom with deep tub for soaking, a large patio to park your bikes. Hands down the best choice if you want the adventure and entertainment of Roslyn. ____ D.W.

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